About to make my Lola Handbag in Red UK English bridle leather

11.06.2019   |   by Kazrasida

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Author: Tygot
She ended up literally, purposely, and negligently leaving the purse in the seldom used family room, but on a small pile of gifts and things on our family room floor, lol. A few months later, its only job now was to serve as the "movie bag." We'd just fill it with candy and junk. She didn't care if the chocolate, candies, and popcorn oil damaged it. The purse was not taken seriously; rather - a joke, and that pissed me off just a bit, lol .
Author: Zulukinos
Hi Joe - GM. It's almost 5:00 AM Sunday on the West Coast. Just finished watching crappy sci-fi reviews that suck all on their own, lol. Anyway, for a breath of fresh air, I thought, "let's go over and see the new Marcellino Leather Video(s) this morning. I watched this video again, but did not finish it, as I am not into purses and handbags. Plus, experience tells me the rounded circular tube style is much more akin to the "SteamPunk" theme leather designs I see so often. The other purse/bag with the long "carry handles" wouldn't inspire me personally, if I were a certain type of lady - and I'll tell you why.
Author: Gutaur
you are killing it.
Author: Fejind
I couldn't understand why she didn't like it.
Author: Metaxe
Hello. Wich tannery in England produces that specific leather? Thanks.
Author: Mezizil
these look so epic, I love the style, for a special lady ;)
Author: Mozuru
Wow, I was naturally upset. Later she explained: " I don't like purses I have to carry." I prefer purses and bags I can carry on my shoulder, instead of having to carry the bag and tie up one hand just to have my purse with me."
Author: Nejinn
As it turned out, I was literally chastised during Christmas 2008 by my wife. I went to the local department store, picked out a very nice purse for her I thought she might like. It wasn't necessarily super expensive, but oh so very elegant, shiny, and beautiful. I had it gift wrapped, took it with me from Central to Southern California that year. I Thought she would like it. She honestly didn't.
Author: Shaktizragore
Very nice work. Good pricing considering the time you put into making it and quality of material.
Author: Mecage
Have you ever used Baker leather from England? Is it as waxy as Sedgewick?

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