ABC News - America Held Hostage: The Iran Crisis

12.06.2019   |   by Arashitaxe

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Author: JoJotaur
پهلوي و هزاران دزد ديگر اکنون صاحب صد بيليون هستند ولي يک دلار کمک به مردم نمي کنند
Author: Dusho
One sided documentary and very tough to watch. Very easy on a brutal despot that destroyed a great country with an entire focus on Islamic fundamentalism. No surprise though.
Author: Shaktizshura
مي توانيد بدونه اينکه به سياست کار داشته باشيد کارهايه بزرگ بکنيد
Author: Kaganos
As soon as the Shah was booted out, the US Embassy should have been shut down, and all Americans evacuated.
Author: Yozshuzahn
به کساني مثل من بپيونديد تا نام ايران و ايراني را احترام بگزارند و خسارت بگيري
Author: Fenrigor
Man I forgot how cute Barbara Walters was back in the day 🔥
Author: Mazukazahn
Jimmy carter, the worst president in my lifetime
Author: Mogore
Why is it you do not say WHY of the hostages?????
Author: Dujinn
اين صداي فرزندان قهرمانان است ايرانيان اگر اين يا آن بد است تو چقدر خوب هستي
Author: Doudal
The glass frames wore from 1979 to 1981 were horrible.
Author: Shakami
و به او کمک کرد تا پادشاه شود ولي اين ذهاک سردار اسعد و تمام بختياري ها را کشت يا زندان کرد
Author: Tygoshicage
کساني که طرفدار پهلوي هستند خوب توجه کنند همان که دکترعباس ميلاني ميگويد زماني که رضا پهلوي را بيرون کردند
Author: Grozuru
I was a sophomore in high school and we were weeks from moving there for my father's job. Fxxck, I prayed that we wouldn't go. My mother was pissed because we got a note on what she had to wear and act, lol didn't go well in our family. I was so happy not to move to this dismal muslim shit hole of a country.
Author: Mizragore
Hostage crises was just a cover up both for the US government and Iranian government, planned by CIA.
Author: Fem
زماني که بختياريها و قهرمانان ديگر ايران را آزاد کردند از سردار اسعد پرسيدند اکنون که ايران
Author: Nikorr
Something that you don't hear anymore on television news,
Author: Guktilar
Both countries wanted to distance each other from Iranian revolution funded by CIA and BBC, in order to get cheap oil out of Iran and sell Iran expensive trash weapons to fight wars for years to come (Something Shah resisted). Also to freeze and capture Billions of dollars which Shah had paid to various US companies for delivery of Military planes, tanks, etc.
Author: Malakasa
بختياريها وديگران ايران نوين را ساختند وهفت سال سردار اسعد بختياري به رضا قلدر از ايران نوين درس داد
Author: Tutaur
I am proud of Ronald Regan...
Author: Aralabar
چون حکومت جديد بد است اين دليل به خوبي قبلي نيست و ايران با پول نفت پيشرفت کرد نه با پهلوي
Author: Sajinn
It was a theater that played khomeini .
Author: Tunris
Great recap of the crisis through ABC News reports.
Author: Akilrajas
Shame to America he sold out SHAH, GOD bless saddat.
Author: Mikajin
کساني که مگويند حکومت جديد بدتر است , ولي اين بد آن بد را پاک نمي کند
Author: Shakatilar
Author: Kigara
god bless Khomeini's soul, if i was him i would have ordered to cut all Amerifags heads and throw their corpses in Persian gulf.
Author: Grojar
I wonder why nobody has ever spoken about the $52 million that Republicans paid to mullahs for taking the US diplomats hostage?
Author: Arashihn
United States start it islamise in mid dell east by IRAN in 1979 .
Author: JoJom
If President Carter wasn't such a weak President this would have NEVER happened. Bomb military targets. If they refuse to give back the hostages or kill them then start nuking cities.
Author: Dogor
I would drop a bomb right in their head. Jimmy Carter was a weak President. Let's free the Iranian people.
Author: Meshura
Que culeros los gringos con el Shah!
Author: Tutaur
Later this program became "Nightline" in a year later.
Author: Ket
A combination of 9/11 (2001) & the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941), so this is our 3rd recent attack as a country, a people & a democracy. 444.4 days - just when Pres. Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, it was all over. My parents told me this, esp. my mother then pregnant w/ me remembered this in late 1979-early 1980: I was born in Feb. so she was hormonally stressed by this. She felt this isn't something to joke about, which like 9/11 is still "too soon" in US & world history timelines, but Iran sure attacked America. +
Author: Nijin
I love how Koppel just comes right out on Day One and says the main concern of Washington was oil, even before hastily muttering that they wanted the hostages to be safe. Don't hold back, baby, just blurt it out.
Author: Shataur
Suffers from some mental degeneration due to his age ✔️
Author: Fenrizragore
و همین کار را هم آمریکا و انگلیس با پسرش کردند
Author: Tygoramar
While in Iran, if a female cannot wear a chador, they must at least cover their heads. Their islamic dress code is one of the most strict on the planet.
Author: Brall
this particular trait creates confusion...
Author: Telar
But Cheer Up! Now BP has destroyed the entire Gulf of’s an ecological wasteland. No terrorists involved. Pure, naked greed. Oil, terribly poisonous oil!
Author: Gunos
The world would be better off without the United States intervention every where ! unless it is for better
Author: Kiramar
Poor: Earth.
Author: Sataur
او چهل در صد از پول ايران را دزديده بود او ده ها هزار زمين دزديد و مثل ذهاک ياران خود را کشت
Author: Gobei
None of the comments mentions Mohamed Mosadeq, the man 🇮🇷 Iranians democratically elected. In 1953.
Author: Takasa
The hostage rescue was a fake. Actually US was taking weapons covertly to Afghanistan through Iran and Russians blew up the planes. If you look at the crash location was near Afghanistan.
Author: Mezizahn
They needed some excuse to demonize Iranians, so the western media would not cover the harsh human right violations and hundreds of thousands of executions in Iran, which was to follow (So much for Carter Human rights against the shah). Also Iran wanted an excuse to arrest the resistance against the Mullah government and mark them as CIA spy or western allies and execute them. This way they could cloud the water and was an easy way to benefit both sides, as we have seen over the past 40 years, with cheap price of oil sold to BP, Shell, etc and massive weapons bought and so many meaningless wars fought and millions of lost lives in the Middle East and Iran.
Author: Vosida
Barrie Dunsmore has the worst broadcast voice I've ever heard. Sounds completely fake and absolutely dreadful.
Author: Akigore
در دست شما هست چرا پادشاهي را نميگيري او گفت آمدم آزادي به مردم بدهم نه پادشاهي بگيرم
Author: Kajikasa
well at least the world is much safer nowadays
Author: Nat
و پسرش هم روزهاي آخر انقلاب به يارانش خيانت کرد و 1500 نفر از آنها را زندان کرد وفرار کرد
Author: Grolmaran
Can you post the documentary America Held Hostage The Secret Negotiations? Thanks
Author: Fenrimuro
Middle East could use another Sadat
Author: Mezilabar
Xenophobic Narcissistic and Politically Naive ✔️
Author: JoJonris
This was from 1979.
Author: Vigis
I thought the film Argo got the American hostage back they never said anything about 8 million dollars in assets. So wat is the real truth we paid money or the CIA in Argo got them back
Author: Gojar
بعد از اينکه با هیتلر همکاري کرد انگلیس گفت برو نوکر هم گفت چشم
Author: Mezile
رضا قلدر با حمایت و دسیسه انگلیس آمد و بر علیه دمکراسی عمل کرد انگلیس مي گفت بکش و او هم ميگفت چشم
Author: Brami
بعد از قتل خوانين بختياري و قهرمانان ديگر او شروع به دزدي زمين و جواهرات کرد
Author: Aragami
But (what is now British Petroleum) HATED that idea, so the Brits & Yanks got together and : Overthrew Mosadeq, re-installing The Shah...pathetic.
Author: Kazrarr
Islamic regime is a cancer not just for Iran but for the whole world.west and Europe wake up.
Author: Grorn
For me as i am the god and prophets this revolution was a vital incidence according to the internal collapse and corruption and toxic minds and acts of pahlavi.
Author: Mutaur
Real News no half naked women newscasters no propaganda
Author: Doujind
اجداد من خوانين بختياري و بزرگان ديگر آزادي و قانون آوردند و شورای ملي را تاسیس کردند
Author: Juzilkree
the sound of typewriters dubbed over the broadcast.
Author: Dizuru
He’s described as a generalist who doesn’t like to deal with details ✔️

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