10 Germans killed in Istanbul suicide attack

08.07.2019   |   by Mekus

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Comments "10 Germans killed in Istanbul suicide attack":

Author: Meziramar
and this is what we want in North America? Trump is right I think anyone that is criticizing him are fools
Author: Nilabar
The source of terrorism is America's foreign policy. period
Author: Vozil
Islam can not exsist without Islamic Law. This will not end until the mongrel horde is put down.
Author: Kigazahn
this happens before the terrorist attack in indonesia, jakarta wtf..
Author: Yogrel
RIP and God Bless.
Author: Samujas
I feel so bad for German women. Oh well this is what they wanted. May their burkas lay lightly on their shoulders
Author: Maujora
divide and conquer
Author: Daikasa
Germany will still bring in millions
Author: Tausar
turkey suffers, now it has Isis along with PKK , turkry stay strong
Author: Mushicage
Turkey is full of ISIS fighters that are trained there and sent to Syria. Now Turkey tasted how it is to be attacked by ISIS fighters.
Author: Malalar
its our own fault when we go in war vs isis
Author: Faucage
this reveals that we should not let refugees from this countries come to america
Author: Meztigar
feed them to the sharks
Author: Gobar
yes Germany will still bring in millions !!
Author: Tygogar
Author: Mikagrel
That's what happens when you let ISIS pass through your country! Did you really think Turkey is special? Even if they are helping isis they won't be excluded!.
Author: Telabar
My Muslim brothers, invade germany. Impregnate the german women with our holy seed! Inshallah!
Author: Doukasa
my heart goes out to German Conrad's.
Author: Kajir
Istanbul means "I stand the bull'. Meaning they were never culled. This video shows who killed. They will all be greased. Just because they are the main of all of the diseased. God said that his riches in glory shall be increased. That God never was of the deceased. That one must lose their own heads to take Christ on as the head. They will find a book entitled "The Egyptian Burial of the Dead". That the Egyptians knew all about all of it way back then. But they were under the insane assaults by the most criminal of every regime. Akhenaten is the name. That he would become the God higher than all names. But even Allah has way more fame. These murders were all framed. These are of the tortured. That is the mortuary is guilted. That s.e.t.i. wood would have had it stalled. If he had known of the real actuals of the enumerated. Why is Alex Jones now faced. That there just seem to be two here who that s.e.t.i. may have marked. Well sure they are seen yes they are. Now who is racing toward their cars. You shant get far. Yes you cannot run very far from /\r. Did you see that Egyptian obelisk standing right there. You really do think that inside of this whole lifetime that you will never have a single care. Well that is not any of today's air. You cannot even begin to compare. Sure they're a pair. Well first take the apple from the tree and then go pare.
Author: JoJoshura
Author: Ferg
Why ISIL did not attack ISRAEL at all???
Author: Kizuru
Turkey is to unstable for the EU. Am I wrong?
Author: Mazumuro
Author: Doujind
I'm from England, and like many people Im sure, I look back into history and it saddens me when we fought one another-good people in general.. world war one and two should not have been fought! I think Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, France and the Polish and many other nations etc are mostly good patriotic people who were dragged into wars by corrupt politics killing due to propaganda lies from all sides-there are and were good and bad on all sides!! the problem is with Islam it's determined to conquer the world not satisfied with just Europe of course it will continue to manipulate murder its way take on and take over by any means necessary it wants control one way or the other and sadly it seems they are going to get it not because of the ordinary man, because of the politicians yet again with their propaganda, and treasonous- cowardice
Author: Kiganos
All secret services confirm that the attack was aimed at tourists in general, not to germans specifically. Germany letting so many fugitives in has nothing to do with this attack. Si, keep your horses, if can....

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