Zodiac Opening / Beginning Soundtrack [Three Dog Night ~Easy To Be Hard]

18.06.2019   |   by Fejas

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Author: Micage
Master film, David Fincher is a great director. You have to see Mindhunter
Author: Mashura
Bowie feeling
Author: Vorg
Great movie.
Author: Mauzuru
love this song
Author: Mazujas
love the message and tone of the song good for just sitting smoking a cigarrete thinking
Author: Kazrajar
amazingggggggggggggg song.. amazing wording...
Author: Maubar
big thx for uploading this
Author: Faeshicage
about being naughty.............
Author: Brazilkree
Not many people have basements in California I do
Author: Tojarg
zodiac great movie to watch it over and over and never get bored
Author: Kale
love it ty for the song
Author: Fausar
Kid loco?
Author: Arashirg
Awesome Song!! Sad but sometimes so true!!
Author: Kigajind
Lee ?
Author: Zulut
Most movie posters have some subliminal images inserted into them, and this one from the Zodiac movie poster seen above is no different. The stands of metal wires holding up the bridge in this image, curve inward (like the lower half of a half circle) on each side to form the subtle underneath outline of the lower area of a pair of womens breasts. And the darkness from the outer (black) boarder, (left and right -- middle), left and down from the letter Z and right and down from the letter C, bleeds into the image just enough to give the faint circular (shaded) image of nipples on the breasts. Tell me if you see it too?
Author: Kazile
What happen to the music.. I sure hope it comes back.

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