The Giving Tree Cover - Gareth & Emmi

09.07.2019   |   by JoJot

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Comments "The Giving Tree Cover - Gareth & Emmi":

Author: Akidal
Can't believe I found this gem, I love this song, never thought you'd cover it. The Plain White T's are my favourite band, but it seems nowadays they're all but forgotten.
Author: Zusida
yes i agree great cover and the guitar part sound so fantastic !
Author: Samukinos
Yes, this is the sound I envisaged you producing. Great cover. I think you should write songs like this with Emmi.
Author: Kagagor
God bless I love that guitar, great cover!
Author: Gakasa
Great cover! And this ending is so funny haha :D
Author: Tucage
Wow, fantastic cover! Waiting for the guitar lesson :)
Author: Zolora
Speechless... Well done
Author: Yozil
Yes!!! Thank you so much!!! I was the one qho requested the song. I wasn't expecting you to actually do it! Your cover sounds great! Can't wait for the lessons!
Author: Zukinos
great cover and amazing scenery :) Brilliant as always
Author: Vugor
Can you do a tutorial on Passenger's "Rolling Stone". Love your videos
Author: Bradal
I love your music taste
Author: Tazshura
In my opinion you should keep the audio from the singing in forest. This studio version isn't cool.
Author: Malmaran
thank you.
Author: Misida
Hi Gareth!
Author: Doukasa
Love you both so much! haha I was afraid when I knew about emmi but now I like her, she is amazing haha Missed you do cover outside, beautiful place !
Author: Arashigrel
are you ever going to make some fingerstyle lessons on oasis's songs?
Author: Yogis
Lovely! Great to hear, nice lyrics, brilliant composition and not mention the magic of Gareth.. Looking forward to your record together 👍🏻
Author: Zulugis
Iam your fan Mr. Gareth
Author: Tozilkree
amazing, mate! great lyrics, place, and the music itself is beautiful. amazing.
Author: Dat
I freaking love this !
Author: Kelmaran
You guys are killing it with these covers
Author: Tom
Great cover guys!
Author: Vilkree
im just a massive fan of them.

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