Synyster Gates Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III - Pure Expression, from the Ground Up

27.05.2019   |   by Kagazshura

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Author: Tohn
You know, I might be of the younger generation and I might have grown up with computers (albeit starting with DOS, so that generation), and I love computer technology, it has come so far. And I think the modeling stuff is impressive and all that. One of my sayings is to be very open and say that if it sounds good it sounds good. But over the recent years I've also come to the conclusion that it "needs" to be analogue. Not even "It must be tubes!" but analogue.
Author: Tojakasa
Syn's playing is other worldly, after their next album, i think he is going to be at the guitar god level, he's already there, but that will solidify his spot as one of the greatest snd most versatile players of all time. Super clean and super fast but also has so much feel amd aggression.
Author: Malajinn
That metal tone was pretty weak compared to what axe fx can actually do. But if he likes it he likes it.
Author: Jugis
LO AMO HUEOOOON (nadie entiende esto pero me vale)
Author: Shajora
Author: Goltizahn
Syn gates has definately evolved as quickly as the music industry. While also embracing old techniques.. such a unique guitarist and will always be my fav
Author: Kigataxe
Plz collab with Jacky Vincent.
Author: Kazrazragore
I love that lead tone from the stage. It's so captivating to listen to.
Author: Zulkijas
The Stage tone was orgasmic
Author: Doshicage
I've went digital a few years ago. I just think it's soooo convenient and it's endless possibilities of sounds. I'm all about new tech and I'm glad to see a smart guy like Syn taking advantage of that. Can't wait to see what's to come from A7X.
Author: Kimi
You are the best 👍👍❤️
Author: Akidal
>item in question is $3000
Author: Brasar
The theory being that it connects with humans better, like all those unpredictable variations in the electronics and so on, like sounds waves and organic expression. Which sure, they can program and model software to do as well to inifinte depths now. But I still I feel there's something missing. Like playing "direct in" without a guitar cabinet/speaker, it just doesn't seem complete. - But that's just the way I experience it. I really feel the sound of music, like every generation sure, has changed, but in a bad way. That also comes down to recording and mixing and all, but something is wrong to me.
Author: Dugami
guys, I wouldnt pin it all on the AXE-FX III, rather I think he actually wanted such a compressed, synthetic tone for his own personal tastes. (fits the album anyways) I mean, the clean sounded clean (no fizz, no compression) so idk maybe he likes it like that. I'll say one thing tho, it actually has a cool kind of warble when it's loud as fuck haha.
Author: Vizilkree
IMO these dirt tones sound weak and fuzzy.
Author: Nikobar
Damn he has gotten so much better of the years
Author: Akinotaur
Brian looks more and more like gene simmons everyday
Author: Vosida
Syn.. never compare yourself to these chodes that learned a computer program and a minor scale on a keyboard. You are a virtuoso.
Author: Voodoosar
The rhythm tone sounds very fizzy and scooped
Author: Salrajas
Sounds great and the idea and technique behind it is well thought out and convenient. But live, to me the fractal stuff always lacks. All the shows I've gone to Id be stoked to see a certain band and they show up with axe fx units and the guitar would have no punch or presence. When parts of a song hit and it was guitar only, sure it sounded awesome. But in the full band mix and live setting it was just weak. Examples would be when Ive seen miss may I, toothgrinder, Memphis mayfire, August burns red, all great bands, but had severely underwhelming live tones and or mixes. In my opinion the kempers are doing way better with their profiling than the fractals are with their emulating software. Go see parkway drive for example their kempers sound great. Red sounds great live as well. But the best live tones and mixes I've seen and heard are on stages with actual miced up amps. It's all subjective of course and I get the convenience. Lugging around my dual rectifier halfstack when I play a show is a pain in the ass and back lol. But everytime I hit the first chord of the set, nothing beats the punch of a real tube amp behind you (my opinion of course.)
Author: Fesho
I just wish FAS would come up with a VST plugin that would allow us AX8 users to boost the cpu power of the thing and use multiple amps and cabs and more effects!
Author: Akik
Author: Voodoozragore
Axe FX is the closest you can get to a Tube amp tone, add to that having 200+amps and the ability to tweak it is a God send.
Author: Garan
I wish Helix sounded as good as a Fractal but there is a marked difference.
Author: Salabar
I hear a noticeable difference in tone. Its close, but its missing something
Author: Faenris
i can hear the difference. Although that could be just the video
Author: Tojazuru
Where can I buy that shirt?
Author: Gurr
The clean are heavenly, the rythm is a buffed mosquito, the lead is a buffed mosquito who just ate a cake.
Author: Kigabar
This video's very existance is completely redundant to me. This is probably the physical object I desire the most.
Author: Tushicage
The first time I heard one of his solos, I was hooked on Avenged Sevenfold.
Author: Femi
Humans aren't perfe....
Author: Mazuk
He sounds sober today 😂
Author: Tygotilar
Okay, Syn has totally embraced Fractal Audio
Author: Tezshura
Damn Synyster Gates is literally the greatest guitarist ever
Author: Voodootaxe
Try vox tonelab EX or vox vt20-x. For hi-gain settings change the tube for a mesa 12AX7 or a ENGL 12AX7
Author: Kazrami
that bracelet syn's wearing is so cool i really like it is that available in amazon?
Author: Vudoshura
2:06 some warm up
Author: Mazujora
can we just talk about how much cleaner a player he is now than he used to be? his sweeping and legato runs are jake pitts level at this point
Author: Meztilrajas
It will be the coolest thing in the world if Gates starts solo album...
Author: Vijas
He thinks he’s Yngwie Malmsteen.
Author: Gakasa
guys the song at the start is called "Buried Alive" by A7x
Author: Tugal
Clean sounds like Jesus is whispering in my ear. Lead sounds good enough I guess... But Rhythm tbh sounds like complete shit lmao
Author: Tygom
how do you do automation brian? midi from computer? ableton?
Author: Arabei
The interesting thing though about 'limits" is that some of the best work comes from artist having to bash their heads against a wall and having to pull the answer from your butt to break the limits.
Author: Arall
Is syn now immune to guitar face?He’s that good.
Author: Tygosida
2nd hand mk5 mesa sm57 api 512c and prism interface, same price thank me later, that ir is shyte
Author: Mazur
He's transforming into that Civil War ex-singer lol.
Author: Kazilkis
periphery and a7x, fractal slowly taking over the guitar scene
Author: Faelkis
That clean jam he did was beautiful, is it a song? (Im not much of an A7X fan)
Author: Kigaran
sorry i am new in hearing avenged sevenfold, but i love the riff in the beginning. is it from a song or did he do it by his passion?
Author: Mazushakar
for those who say his distortion tone is fuzzy, i think it's fuzzy too but have you guys ever thought of that syn actually likes that fuzzy tone? reference: all a7x songs
Author: Voodoorr
Sunglasses in a dark studio?
Author: Kagajinn
it sounds like a cheese grater grinding away inside a broken garbage can
Author: Mezigis
syn says "not the expensive" i go to buy one and its $2,500
Author: Samuzahn
Please release presets with Helwin Head and all the studio heads and I will buy a Axe 3 take my money
Author: Fek
Because he needs sunglasses inside home
Author: Kazragar
he's not the average typical metal guitarist we see everyday, the guy is unique, #teamsynyster
Author: Shakagar
Those are obviously not prescription sun glasses.
Author: Makinos
Syn has the best lead tone ever, imo
Author: Tora
He's changed pickups?
Author: Maugar
EXACTLY CORRECT. All that matters is the sound produced. If it is a non tube device so be it if it sounds great. Get over it Tube snobs!!
Author: Vurisar
Lets be honest though, how many tones do you even need? I can understand 3 channels, but 10+? Also, can you even do natural feedback?
Author: Natilar
I was listening to him play not talk :D
Author: Mugul
We need a Syn solo album.
Author: Mishakar
When I got mine, I had been playing a Mesa Dual Rectifier for years, and before that various JCM-800 models and modified heads. So, I consciously decided that I was going to find a way to hate the Axe FX. And I worked at it - for weeks. Finally, during one tweaking session, where I was comparing the Boogie to the Axe, I got confused for a second and didn't realize that I was connected to the Axe, and it sounded so much like the Boogie, that I thought I had the other patch connected. But more importantly - it felt like the Boogie. And that was it - I sold all my tube heads and cabs. And I got stereo out of it to boot, which is amazing in and of itself. And I've gotten a lot of compliments on my sound from other musicians.
Author: Tojakazahn
Author: Tygolrajas
Does anyone know what he's using here?
Author: Shakazragore
What song was he playing in the beginning?
Author: Akinolkree
Don't buy an Axe-Fx 2 or III because Synyster Gates tells you its good....This is just marketing.You should buy one because its a awesome device to get great sounding tones without having a full stack amp in ur living room.
Author: Takazahn
Axe Fx's sound very artificial.
Author: Mooguzahn
All’s I DO kno is: the guitar plays incredible. Luv mine
Author: Faushicage
This is so awesome. Love my Ax8. Now I want to get an Axe FX III
Author: Gardarn
Ok, time to sell a kidney
Author: Tuzuru
666th like 😈🤘🏽
Author: Aralabar
Respect 🤘🏼
Author: Kazilrajas
Tom Cruise on a drug bender...
Author: Vojora
Looking like a young danzig
Author: Doujind
I love a7x but their Nick names sucks. It's like a wannabe popstar
Author: Dak
2:53 fuckn epic
Author: Nijas
I don't really think that someone can explain this thing better than what happened here.
Author: Mezizuru
can anyone get me the bass mid and treble numbers for my amp? so I can dial it in?
Author: Vojinn
Will the axe fx3 do w/d/w?
Author: Faecage
"You can create great sounds without needing much money"
Author: Salabar
That didn’t sound very good to me, it was thin, and way to crispy. Even Metallica sounds bad live now, the tone just isn’t there IMO.
Author: Sazil
I just want a song with Syn and Jim Root together! It's all i ask!
Author: Tonris
Buried Alive had WAYYYYY to much delay in the intro lmao it sounded so off
Author: Tekasa
People that wear sunglasses inside I can't take serious.
Author: Vogul
Still hear the cocked wah sound in the high gain sounds....
Author: Dozilkree
I can really hear the difference in my headphones with no band and honestly hate the tone but in a live show literally nobody will be able to tell the difference and the points he makes in this video are all spot on. Not surprised he switched
Author: Arashisida
Rather use a helix
Author: Jura
The playing is cool, that guy is really good!
Author: Faegami
1:18 Then, what is meaydırs?
Author: Mazutilar
Again, don't let me discourage you from trying this stuff, it's cool and useful tech. But for me I like the physical stuff. And that's probably also the thing, it's physical, perhaps not even as audible.
Author: Jugis
Clean tones sound amazing, but I feel like his other amp had a better rhythm to it. Is it just me? My first amp was a fender mustang that was digital and you could program and the distortion sounds like that...
Author: Gogore
Please come back to bogner
Author: Shazilkree
i want to get this so badly but i don't have 2,000
Author: Kazishura
I wonder what amp model he was using? And can model, rhythm sounded crushing!
Author: Zulusho
I like the nasty raw tone of a good ol tube amp with some passive pick ups sorry. This sounds computer generated. I understand why people like these pieces of equipment and just not my thing. Metal is suppose to be nasty and harsh.
Author: Volrajas
So for a garage band kinda guy, how would you use an axefx iii and still be heard?
Author: Mikacage
What song is that in the beginning
Author: Bralabar
I wish I had a ‘wizard’s ear’... 🤔
Author: Dasida
can we have the patches used? please
Author: Vizshura
So Fractal Audio will introduce new Audio System Axenged Sevenfx lll. So nice sound custom by Synyster Gates. However, he still the best guitar player in my generation.
Author: Gukasa
Wait a minute , Metallica played world tours with the Axe fx II, the marketing department at Fractal must be pulling their hair making compelling a argument to sell anyone the Axe fx 3
Author: Totaxe
You're just awesome bro... 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Author: Gardami
Kemper life tho bro
Author: Shaktilkree
i cant tell but it looks like he is wearing a Knockout Kid shirt. not for sure thoug
Author: Arashitaxe
In the beginning he reminded me of Robert California hahaha
Author: Tasida
But Zack still plays Jet City Amps
Author: Gokinos
Author: Moogulrajas
what does he play at the start
Author: Shakam
Just buy a second hand laptop and a used usb interface... All for probably just $150....lots of great free ampsims out there.
Author: Mesho
The rhythm sounds flat because of his tone, he plays with high mids and little lows and they rely on the bass to fill the rest like a more traditional metal band.
Author: Mile
If I wanted to build a rack, and go guitar into wireless into rack, what would I need to be heard by a band with a loud drummer?
Author: Migami
Distortion tone he made is awful, that is ear murder
Author: Dasar
Honestly not very impressed by the rhythm guitar sound, sounds pretty flat. I'm not against digital, i appreciate the versatility but imho, regarding sound amp simulation, axIII got a some way to go. And it is very expensive.
Author: Goltijora
Can anybody possibly tell me what he's so beautifully playing at 2:53 ? It sounds familiar but I'm not completely sure if it's a song or he's just ad-libbing lol
Author: Mokora
So much for Hellwin amps...
Author: Gagar
I really don't listen to their music but Synyster has said and explained the AXE FX thoughtfully and intelligently. Maybe I should start listening to their music? I'll do that now...
Author: Kazragar
What limits me is no FC-12
Author: Douran
Hands down the best guitarist in the game right now and has been for about the past 15 years
Author: Mira
So Awesome! Syn has had a huge influence on my playing, love that he is feeling the Axe-Fx III. It is truly amazing!
Author: Vudogami
why does he looks like severus snape??
Author: Nikojas
Fractal please make a mini version for about 800 bucks !!! Please!!!!!
Author: Tosida
Sick, what pickups are those?
Author: Basar
I'm trying to get a guitar like this but they're to expensive for me !😩 maybe one day !😁
Author: Kigagis
Now let’s convince EVH, Brian May or Mark Knopfler guys ;)
Author: Faujinn
“Guitarist”, not “Guitar Player”.
Author: Tojajas
Something about the high end frequencies that sounds artificial. It’s like it’s too airy to sound warm. Also doesn’t seem to have texture in the distortion. I saw Avenge sevenfold live at soldier Field opening for Metallica in the Guitar tone was swallowed by the kick drums. The only time the guitar would cut through the mix was the solos. His tone is a bedroom tone that doesn’t work live.
Author: Shaktikazahn
This man is the f*cking guitar god.
Author: Kazirn
That intro tone is way better than the original.
Author: Taurg
Amo ele e só ❤❤❤
Author: Jusho
This video could've been 6 hours long and still watched it all
Author: Gardacage
1:37 the matching Good Charlotte tattoo 😉
Author: Dorr
Syn has really aged well, playing of the greats of his era, I remember when they were first out....................ground breaking ! Axe-fx is amazing, and less money than a mesa stack and a dozen pedals. Rush, has been using these as digital back-ups for the  H & k's for years and Alex can't tell the difference either. My main rig has 2 line 6 bogner hd 100's and I love them, guy's laugh at me, until they hear my sound, power is tubes, but fx are digital, programmable and very reliable, I own many heads and these are still my favorite cuz they do everything. I use a sonic max too. But the future is digital, tubes suck and I will be switching over to axe. This is the golden era, for gear !
Author: Jujar
Don't need that $3000 axe fx to create that pins and needles of a tone.
Author: Akinojin
It's more realer, than the last most realist thing that could be made from Fractal. It simply gets no better, than the next most realist product roll out. :-) The sheep keep buying! First The Axe Fx, The Ultra, The Ultra +, The 2, The 2+, now the 3! Hahahaha good on them for staying in business. Each time, it could NEVER GET ANY BETTER. Good Lord. Now a 3 space rack that nobody wants to lug around.
Author: Yozshule
Sounds good! But 'll stick with my first act guitar and amp.
Author: Moogusida
All the people criticizing the tone here have no clue how a guitar tone is supposed to sound when put in a mix.
Author: Kaziktilar
Analog is still possible with the axe fx if you use a tube amp with it. I've got a Marshall 9100 rack amp with my axe f/x. All you have to do is turn off the distortion in the axe fx and pair it with the digital effects in the axe f/x.  It's the best of both worlds and sounds great. The midi switching is awesome to go to any sound at the touch of a toe.  With other guitar processors there wasn't the ability to turn off the distortion in each patch and use your tube amp.  I love my rig now with the axe f/x.
Author: Kegar
My buddy got one earlier this year & I'm selling a lot of gear just to afford to get one. Its a lot money but its worth it.Sick part is worth twice the amount I have in my car.Yeah its a beater with a heater & its paid off!
Author: Samukora
even an amazing guitarist cant make this thing sound good. i read that metallica switched to this crap for live stuff. for the price of this, you could get a decent amp combo and have money to spare for stomp boxes
Author: Yorisar
Well, the only thing is miss from digital amps is the pure, raw pressure and honesty of a few soldered circuits.
Author: Yogul
2:01 the reason why jumpscare never works on me.
Author: Kigadal
Oh wait we found an exception
Author: Kit
So are the schecter sig amps still a thing?
Author: Shakakus
I'm sold. I'm not buying one more piece of gear until I can afford a fractal.
Author: Fegrel
Author: Jurisar
I agree with Syn, I think people get too obsessed with tone and getting that perfect sound. Some of the best records have out of tune guitars!!
Author: Dakinos
Shoulda ended video with live play-through of Afterlife solo.
Author: Zuluktilar
Thanks in advance!
Author: Miran
K but this thing is literally $2500
Author: Kajikinos
Real amps are better than modeled imo. Maybe theres a good reason behind it but I prefer it.
Author: Taugal
Everything is sexy in this video.
Author: Tojarr
I don't usually praise ads but this video is very well made. Syn actually gives very well thought out input on what makes this product great instead of just being like "uhhh I like this because uhh it like makes my guitar sound really good OK can I get paid now". Just goes to show how much thought and care actually went into this product and video by both Syn and Fractal. In short, great video. I'm definitely gonna be checking this out now.
Author: Meztigami
So much for the Schecter Hellwin series. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Author: Goltijora
Can you upload the complete video, only the part where he just played the guitar, without him talking? Pleaseee.....
Author: Kabar
I wonder what makes Syn change his style of holding picks? Lol
Author: Dogis
Saw them live in February for the first time. Syn was definitely the highlight of the show.
Author: Garisar
What’s funny is that all these bedroom guitarists think they are too good for digital tones yet have never stepped foot on stage. Synyster gates has been playing for more than 20 years a touring, mixing and gigging. If he tells you he can’t hear a difference and it sounds great, it’s good.
Author: Vogrel
Syn speaks very differently than he was back then when the rev was still alive.
Author: Kenris
Monster player!
Author: Mikajinn
syn the reason why i starting playing guitar
Author: Dajora
it's funny because a year or two ago he was not a fan of any digital rig. it's a good sign :)
Author: Bajind
3:36 on a dime? on a PARADIGM!? HA
Author: Kikus
More Syn please. Maybe some playthrough videos?
Author: Zulkisida
has he gotten better at guitar?
Author: Dujinn
This is a stellar video.
Author: Kazigore
Do you have a hoodie version?
Author: Tulkis
syn can play using 50$ strat with crappy amp n still sound good
Author: Vigami
He is the most influence guitarist and the reason why i wanting to play guitar
Author: Faunos
the guys at hellwin must be pissed
Author: Kajilrajas
"Will Gibson makes the switch to the Axe-FX II because he can't afford a III...not that he can currently afford a II either, but soon, it will happen."
Author: Tuktilar
Music will never die. Knowledge and a good ear is the key. Tech is just the gravy that keep your flow going
Author: Tolrajas
When Syn started playing the riff at 2:20 I could REALLY hear the Megadeth influence
Author: Gataur
Definitely can see it being used for live/touring rigs for the sake of convenience. Most people in the audience won't care or be able to tell the difference anyway. But for studio recordings, I hope they stay with tube amps.

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