Rancid - Live At Band Together Bay Area, AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA 2017.11.09

26.05.2019   |   by Grolabar

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Comments "Rancid - Live At Band Together Bay Area, AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA 2017.11.09":

Author: Mucage
The mighty Rancid, repping the Bay Area...proper punk!
Author: Dukasa
perfect live performance...without crowd
Author: Juzilkree
lol look at tim crew running around placing his stand mic back to place
Author: Malar
I love Tim Armstrong and Rancid!!
Author: Basho
•Good energy
Author: Gutaxe
Must be hard to play in front of a Maroon 5 crowd.
Author: Vorn
Muito Bom esse show ☆
Author: Shagor
This band changed my life...Wolves best punk rock album ever!
Author: Mitaur
i love rancid, kapan rancid concert in Indonesia (lombok or bali)
Author: Kahn
•Tim actually playing the guitar
Author: Yozshukus
there sounding well good here...
Author: Volmaran
Tim found the one guy in the crowd that knew who Rancid was....
Author: Arashikus
show them people punKaintdeadD!
Author: Sagami
damn they still sound good
Author: Akigis
Can't believe people are on their phones!!!!!! Bucket list band.
Author: Kigagore
Author: Tezragore
Great sound!
Author: Kalrajas
Just put the phones away and enjoy the show!!!
Author: Tygoshicage
Author: Mojind
Really?!? The camera man just totally missed Matt Freeman during the Maxwell Murder bass solo?!?!? =_= lame
Author: Zulkigar
Tim is a drunk mess.
Author: Dozragore
Is this in honor of the guy from Teenage Bottlerocket who died?
Author: Doutaur
Those cameras needed to be on top of that solo for it's entire duration...
Author: Takora
hey look at the bright side! if you were there you could have actually been up front comfortably not getting crushed, thats rare for a rancid show
Author: Zugrel
they seemed really happy to be playing here
Author: Meztirisar
I know this is a benefit but damn, I've seen Rancid a few times and nearly got severely injured/died each gig...
Author: Dogul
Wow sweet nostalgia!!
Author: Zulkikasa
Damn their skills have not declined at all. 2017 ya maybe a lil less energy but better musicians now (Tim and Lars, Freeman was always god) and voices holding up fine... or maybe just sober and taking it seriously since its near the end who knows. Anyways my favorite band all time, saw them 3 years ago and Tim actually opened for Rancid with Tim Timebomb and Friends he played a for over 3 hrs that night, was amazing.
Author: Fejin
Where is the original drummer?? He was a Lefty.........
Author: Brabar
Author: Fauzragore
Is this an apple employee concert or some shit? Where’s the crowd?
Author: Mazulmaran
•Well performed
Author: Vizil
I heard "Radio Clash" and it made me smile.
Author: Zuluzshura
Did this crowd even know who Rancid was?
Author: Faull
Tim's sober voice is quite great too 😄
Author: Arara
thats it. i'm changing my name to maxwell murder
Author: Mikall
That was cool.  Reminded me of being in high school back in the late 90's.
Author: Malahn
Performance incrível do Rancid! ☠👊💥💣
Author: Nagar
•The EQ is awesome, especially Matt’s
Author: Vudokasa
Author: Yozahn
Ma porco dio!!! Almeno sull'assolo di maxwell murders potevano inquadrarlo Matt Freeman!!!
Author: Bracage
I could have sat comfortably in a hammock in the front row with this crowd lol.
Author: Moogular
13:15 Telegraph Avenue
Author: Dugar
still waitin for these guys to come back to houston n send me a memo
Author: Dounos
Good job guys !!
Author: Grozil
It'd be hilarious to hear Tim's isolated guitar track..
Author: Moogugore
•They are wearing caps in November
Author: Gardajar
they're beloved by their bay area fans. this crowd just stood there. id be skankin all over that goddam place; so bad they'd kicked me out.
Author: Gagal
I cant believe how much production went into this show for a crowd of about 30 people! Would be a different story over here in the UK!
Author: Kelar
This is definitely one of the best Rancid performances on Youtube!
Author: Tucage
Devil hornsv!!
Author: Shakagal
Rancid 🙌
Author: Zular
I think Rancid was tired of the crowd,that's probably why they started playing faster.lol !
Author: Fenrigar
En Ruby Soho me gustaba más cuando Lars forzaba un poco la voz en el coro, ahora está medio flojo.. se entiende por los años.

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