K-Rino - Flip Side of Reality (Lyric Video)

05.07.2019   |   by Tahn

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Author: Shaktiramar
"I'm so naturally instinctive that I swing fist before my brain thinks it"
Author: Yozuru
this mf just said "to your life your subtraction is the only thing I'll add" it takes some skill to even think something like that....k-rino is the best lyricist to ever walk the face of earth
Author: Shaktijinn
I have come to a conclusion that K-Rino literally is an Alien Baby!! Dope af
Author: Kigam
heavy metal rap
Author: Dairan
Eminem vs k rino rap battle make it happen. ...it won't be a battle it would be a massacre....now I'm gonna let the uneducated hip hop listeners imaginations run with who they think will be massacred
Author: Dokora
lyrical god in the flesh k rino S.P.C running things
Author: Faujin
K Rino mastered Ultra Instinct?
Author: Kagasar
His punchlines go over peoples heads you’ll never leave again like a dead 🌳😄
Author: Yolkis
light speed circle would be a sweet lyric video but their so hard to find 
Author: Yojinn
better backoff yo
Author: Yotilar
K just gets better.
Author: Dikora
Eienstein couldn't make it as my intern 🤣🤣
Author: Nabar
"'cause I don't even trust the dude who told me to trust no one"
Author: Mikajinn
The greatest rapper ever! Dead or Alive
Author: Samuzil
Best mc period! Why? Because he speaks about what others are scare to talk about God speed krino!
Author: Guramar
Guy carries a library in his head!
Author: Kem
Next could you do ''K rino - Grand Deception'' Awesome video by the way!
Author: Faesho
🐐 change my mind.
Author: Dasar
He say I break scales when I weigh my options! Dats cold!!!
Author: Vorr
Yessss I've been waiting for this
Author: Brahn
K-rino hands down best rapper I think u should do book number 7 next
Author: Jurg
Broken down to the core hit my soul and my consciousness!!!!! Loving the deprogrammed Album like all the rest k-Rino is exceptionalllllllllllllllllll ✊✊✊✊✊👌💯🔱🍻🌍🌋
Author: Nalabar
Next u should do a lyric video of K-rino song time travler.
Author: Tedal
0 dislikes . Now that's k rino for you . Thank God Only the intellectually gifted ones checked this track out .
Author: Mezira
My library was created on December 11th 1991 !!! 27 years ago !
Author: Shaktisho
This one dodge me until now..
Author: Zurr
Facebook won't let me share this clip... Seriously WTF.
Author: Daitaur
Favourite rapper, hands down.
Author: Tygorisar
King Rino.
Author: Zulkitaxe
My bars be loaded wid palsy , my phone works in reverse
Author: Shara
The story telling, the lyrics, the style, the temprament, the inspiration, the dedication, the elevation, the truth, the reflection, the love and care he spreads everywhere like a shining flare, i shead a tear.
Author: Dorn
"When it leaves my mouth it doesn't take a strong amount, one ounce of what I douse is like a glass Kool Aid at Jim Jones's house ." It's making me sick to my stomach, y'all don't want it !
Author: Nikok
K and Tech N9ne would be like another big bang.
Author: Kikree
So ill hang up in ur face before u call me..☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠ 🔥💯 k
Author: Tausho
"I break scales when I weigh my options"
Author: Tegal
+TheColorfulCube, a lyric video for K-Rino's Oblivion Scroll will be another one of your masterpieces! Keep up the great work!
Author: Malahn
Pumping krino in honolulu hawaii swole!!!
Author: Mamuro
K rino is a star child he’s got to be I have listened to 7 of his songs I can’t find a bad one
Author: Kazrazil
Every time I think I've heard the best from this guy, he keeps on getting better.
Author: Kasida
K -Rino is just outstanding impecable i have never been taken to different dimensions by any Hip hop Rap artist.
Author: Arakree
Next somethin like multi reflex or blood doctrine or lifting up the veil or...
Author: Vojind
its "I swat a dust spec and knock a ton of dust up out of it" 

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