It Girl (Keenan Cahill and Jason Derulo)

27.05.2019   |   by Faekora

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Comments "It Girl (Keenan Cahill and Jason Derulo)":

Author: Shakahn
Jason is a good lip singer
Author: Kazrazuru
I fell of my seat laughing ;D love this song!
Author: Kagrel
This kid was making before Jacob sartorious (if that's how you spell his name) and baby Ariel
Author: Golar
Jason is so Perfect
Author: Nem
actually i forget about the Kid when JASON DERULO showed up
Author: Voodoojas
Lol Jason just crawls in lmfao
Author: Dirisar
if you don't have anything nice to say, then do everybody a favor and don't say anything at all. He's doing what he loves and what yall doing? wasting your time hating on someone because your not any better then him.
Author: Gutaur
Stop giving him hate! He enjoys doing this, it's not anything serious so stop the hate!
Author: Kagakora
Jason Derulo im the background?!!
Author: Tauzshura
you people are so beyond stupid. You seem to think that a person when successful he came to that position overnight or he war born. every person who has made something of themselves had to go trough numerous challenges. so stop hatting and learn a lesson.
Author: Tazshura
Don't care about the haters you are awesome
Author: Tojazshura
Ayy leave the little boy alone I Thk he's awesome even if I DNT know him so chill bruhh wats ur prob
Author: Kezragore
This is too great! I love it!
Author: Goltizshura
how does he get all these celeberites 
Author: Nikorn
Jason derulo is so fit
Author: Zolojinn
Brilliant! Guys stop hating he's doing what he loves and it's funny and amazing 😂
Author: Sharn
Stronk entrance by Jason >
Author: Disho
Jealousy is a vile thing ha ha WELL DONE KEENAN KEEP UP THE GREAT VIDEOS X
Author: Zulkijora
How in the hell does he know almost every celebrity
Author: Mezibar
aww that's so cool and nice of Jason
Author: Nizil
I really can't tell if he's old, or if he's young

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