Diana Ross If we hold on together

18.06.2019   |   by Grogar

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Author: Zulukasa
watching in 2019 😇❤️
Author: Akizil
2017, still here. Best song ever
Author: Gojora
My graduation song,since 1996,,i fiil cry wen heard this song.
Author: Mikasida
What is so utterly breathtaking about Miss Ross is her command of a stage. Today's new crop of "singers" have virtually no sense of self when they are performing. What Miss Ross does is sing and remain perfectly still with perfect pitch and control. she has perfect posture and she uses her face and body to capture the audience and bring them to her. Few artists have such complete control over every detail like Miss Ross. The fact that she sings ballads and love songs better than anyone is a testament to her ability to take a song and make love with it. She is more than just a singer she is a storyteller.
Author: Teshura
Land Before Time
Author: Bajin
I remember crying to this song at 7 years old watching The Land Before Time In 1988. Still gets me. 😭😭😭
Author: Yozshukora
Lindíssima canção. 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Author: Dakree
Great voice with great song which I love the most... when I feel sadly or tired coz of the difficult life, I usually listen to this song and then feel better... love the life much more and more... Love you so much, great singer!
Author: Tautaxe
This is our favorite song..our wedding song. He's passed away 8month ago. I miss him so much
Author: Kicage
Love the song 💕❤️
Author: Meztirr
If we hold on together...will.inspired me to move on...and stay live with the memory of my family my mother and my besyfriend ..I love the lirics.and of course Diana Ross is my idol.
Author: Maladal
back from the day where the songs have beautiful lyrics.
Author: Gardataxe
Never was and never will be, someone as lovely as "Lady Diass" ... 
Author: Akinos
Author: Akigis
Omg. I cried so much with this movie when I was little.
Author: Malagore
RIP Judith Barsi
Author: Akicage
I sang this to my girl when she had to be put down. I don't think I'll ever listen to this whithout crying.
Author: Aranris
OMG MY FEELS, Land Before Time. T___T!!!
Author: Gasar
Glamourous! Gorgeous! And full of Love❤️
Author: Vuzilkree
Back when songs had a message. In 2015 this still truly beautiful and profound
Author: Akinoran
who is watching 2017!!!

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