Paintball Sniper Rifle - Airsoft

26.06.2019   |   by Vudogal

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Author: Kigakree
Kinda yeah.
Author: Kigore
watch, paintball snipers are going to switch to using airsoft sniper rifles with the paintball ammo because they are way cool, more realistic, and dont have gay airtanks. Those are some reasons to play airsoft in the first place...
Author: Kajira
Not First
Author: Brajas
im loving how far the bolt goes back lol
Author: Fegami
Does it use the regular spring magazines for spring sniper?
Author: Shalrajas
Author: Nesho
Save it for another video people.
Author: Tesho
Nice bro
Author: Taramar
I doubt it.
Author: Mezisar
Author: Shasho
Author: Goltijind
did you buy the hellfire's from redwolf?
Author: Faebei
im surpired they didn't break in the barrel O_o
Author: Nikoktilar
your on airsoft pacific right?
Author: Tygozahn

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