SFML C++ Tutorial Basic Recipes [Animated Sprite]

14.06.2019   |   by Kikinos

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Author: Grojar
Finally! I like it when you make a mistake and I realize it before you. haha
Author: Fauzahn
ammmaaazing !!!! man i think i love more then i love my mother
Author: Brakinos
Hey Chili. I have been following your videos with great results for now. Believe it or not I even started a class in my school teaching kids of my age to use SFML mostly based on your tutorials. I have been wondering if its possible to synchronize loading bars while loading resources for my resource-heavy Warcraft II clone code. Could you make a video on that? ( btw if you want to check it out https://github.com/lori2001/Warcraft-II-HD (only the menu is done and i am mostly a beginner working alone at 17 :D ) ).
Author: Maull
How do you get that amazing audio quality?
Author: Mazukora
Chili, thanks for the video, you sexy motherfcker.(´▽`ʃƪ)
Author: Vudobei
Hey Chili love the videos, ALWAYS man. I am just wondering if there is any particular reason to using std:: time instead of sf:: time, is there a performance difference that warrants the use of std over sf's implementation? also I lost my shit at the tp for my bunghole, I was thinking it and then you said it. cheers!
Author: Mikazilkree
Where can i find similar png to have animated sprite :D?
Author: Fenrishicage
Maybe I'm wrong but instead setting sprite position you could use sprite.move(velocity*dt). You can already get sprite position so keeping another variable for its position.. It's just an idea. I'm experimenting myself as well. I also think that would help at collisions.
Author: Brashakar
I use Arch Linux and codeblock. Thanks for SFML tutorials.
Author: Zukinos
Chili, thanks for the video, you sexy motherfcker.(´▽`ʃƪ)
Author: Shaktizil
textures go in the GPU while images go in the CPU?
Author: Dougar
I was watching another vid and someone said go to chilitomatonoodle so I'm like ok
Author: Zulkihn
this is only my basic understanding.
Author: Akikora
Great tutorial. What are those "previous tutorials" you mentioned? The directx series? Also, if you know any tuts about top down games, I would appreciate them.
Author: Yoramar
Now I'm realising that I have a long way to learn SFML..
Author: Mutilar
Nice video! Thx bro
Author: Dusida
Correct me if I'm wrong but
Author: Tacage
You are hilarious
Author: Nelkree
Thanks for a great video my Chilli dude!
Author: Arakazahn
nice video chili, Would it be better to do a game fully in c++ or just use gamemaker?
Author: Meztit
I have problems with the "include's". Please help
Author: Diktilar
Chilli have you been stalking me >_> I have been in desperate need of a walking sprite and then you come along in your golden chariot filled with yogurts of knowledge to save me.

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