How to introduce / release new fish in an aquarium - by Pondguru

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Author: Dougor
Yes and no.
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My phone number (Richard) 07772848730
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Quiet air pump:
Author: Jugami
The plants ideally need 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. During the day they will take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. At night they will take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Think of it as breathing in and out. You need both stages for healthy plant growth.
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My email address is pondguru(at)btinternet(dot)com
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Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos.
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I work there one or two days a week and install ponds the rest of the time. I own Tyne Valley Aquatics.
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Youtube won't let me put the @ or the . in an email address
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3 - Turn the bag on its side and move back and forth gently until the fish swim out.
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Author: Faur
i love the welsh
Author: Moogumuro
i am awaiting the arrival of my all pond solutions 250 lt aquarium i am bewildered of which fish to put in as i want a complete mixture of fish that you don't normally see but am i right in thinking there's no chance of putting some of the smaller ciclids with other tropical s like bala sharks, smaller catfish, barbs, angels please give me some advice as i don't just want to do a ciclid tank i may just have to do a community tank if i cant add ciclids ???
Author: Bara
Author: Moogushakar
2 - Cut the top off the bag and roll the sides down to trap air around the rim of the bag. Top up the bag with water from the tank. Leave for 30 mins to 1 hour. This allows the fish in the bag to gradually get used to the water conditions in your tank.
Author: Faeshakar
I thought stage 3 was different, you dont want the stores aquarium water in yours..
Author: Mazuzahn
1 - Unpack fish and float unopened bag in your tank for 15-30 minutes (depending on how long fish have travelled - 15 for local pick up, 30 for overnight). This allows the temperature to equalise between the bag water and the tank water.
Author: Faejinn
In most cases (when shops have linked tank systems) never add the water to your home aquarium but from good shops with individually filtered tanks generally you'll only be getting good mature water which will benefit your tank, especially if it is still becoming established.
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My email address [email protected]
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I explain that in the video description. Just click 'show more'.
Author: Gajind
Can you help me? I have set up live plants in my aquarium and I bought the bulb for plants. I want to know if it's okay for me to leave the light on all day and night so the plants will grow or will that be bad for the fish? I am asking because the fish seem to be picking the plant's off and I am ending up with less plants.
Author: Diran
What would you recommend for a Senegal bichir?
Author: Yohn
I was told NEVER add water from the bag into your what is your thought?...TY!
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No worries, I will do more as time allows.
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thanxs a lot .ill email u d photos ASAP!
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Thanks for watching.
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By following the above steps, the fish should appear relaxed and their transition to your tank should be as stress free as possible.
Author: Natilar
There are plenty of cichlids which are fine in a community tank provided it is set up properly (sand base, wood and well planted). Avoid using rocks as they will harden the water and raise pH which none of the fish you mentioned like. Dwarf cichlids from South America (apistogramma species, rams etc.) do well in community tank as do the dwarf species from African rivers. I'd avoid the bala sharks as they are way too big. Consider Dennison's flying fox instead - much nicer. Phone shop any time
Author: Sahn
lol that's the dumbest thing I have ever read.
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Author: Kilar
I run through that in the video and also make a point of mentioning it in the video description.
Author: Zulushicage
Video showing the process of introducing fish to your aquarium. Stages are as follows:
Author: Tygonris
NOTE: Only add the water from the bag if you trust the supplier and the fish have not come from a centralised system (such as in large chain stores) - otherwise, gently net the fish out and add them to the water.
Author: Vogul
Same introduction method.
Author: Kajizilkree
Some fish will eat plants but not many. Goldfish destroy them.
Author: Arashisho
amm! i do hv the piks but how do i send it to you? and how to treat this disease. some fishes even keep hitting themselves against the plants at times. but i dont see itch on them.

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